- Not enough energy?
- Bad period in life?
- Problems are growing?

Perhaps you are in the Sade-Sati period ?! The astrologer will tell you! Sade-Sati?! The astrologer will tell you!
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How to calculate the Sade Sati period
1. First you need to build your own astrological chart in Vedic astrology. Have an exact date of birth on hand, including minutes.

2. Determine the position of the moon at the time of birth, in what sign of the zodiac and the exact degree.

3. Determine when the transit Saturn falls into the 12th, 1st and
2nd house from natal moon.

Alternatively, you can manually
harmonize Saturn
Do you feel tired?
Try to fall asleep before 23:00 and wake up at 6 or 7 in the morning. Practice meditation to release and calm your mind.
Chant mantras
Listening to the Mahamritya mantra every day and the Saturnu mantra every Saturday.
Psychological support
See a psychologist for help and support
Get tested
Check your body for all diseases, including the content of vitamins and trace elements in the body.
Watch yourself
Work in yourself such qualities of character as perseverance, punctuality, tolerance, humility, modesty, honesty.
Visit a temple or sacred site
Make an offering. Visit hospitals or nursing homes, help the elderly with medications or food. You can volunteer.
Mantra Saturn Shani 108 times to listen to those
who has the Sade Sati period
The text of the mantra Saturn is read many times to prevent an accident, misfortune, to overcome any obstacle on the path of life.

Thanks to the music created by prayer vibrations, a person achieves spiritual purification, interaction with the energy of the cosmos, and discovers new paths for himself.

Reading and listening to such mantras will help you easily cope with the limitations, obstacles and difficulties that arise on the path of life.
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период Саде Сати
Videos about people from the Sati Sati period
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